Wilderness Trail

Backpacking Trips

July 31 to August 6 | Troutdale, VA

Registration Deadline: January 31st, 2019

Cost: $399 Per Student | 6th - 12th Grade

Wilderness Trail believes that amazing things happen when you take people out of their comfort zone and place them in the beauty of God's creation. Our main programming takes place in the summer when we take groups of youth on 5-day backpacking journeys on the Appalachian Trail.  Our central themes of servant leadership and being the body of Christ are lived out on the hike and here at our "base camp" during each 7-day event.  

Wilderness Trail has seen that incredible growth can begin with first letting go. As we let go of the worries and thoughts of our daily lives we are then able to begin looking outward. As we lose ourselves in the care of our neighbor we see God in us! 

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