Confirmation mentors should be adults with a mature faith who can set for confirmands an example of how to grow in faith. Confirmands and their mentors should meet regularly for the duration of the confirmation program. Mentors are not teachers, Bible experts or theologians. But they should be available to offer support and encouragement, to talk with cofirmands about tough faith questions, and to discuss the key teachings of the confirmation program.

What Should Mentors Do?

Simply put, mentors should walk with confirmands on the confirmation journey. Mentors should be visibly present during the confirmation experience, should be familiar with what confirmands are learning and experiencing, and should be willing to stand with their confirmand during the Confirmation Sunday service.

Mentors should also be clear about what is expected of them. At Christ United Methodist Church, mentors are expected to meet with their confirmands one-on-one for a minimum of 2 times outside of the normally scheduled confirmation classes. Additionally, mentors are expected to attend the Confirmation Sunday service on June 9, 2019. Mentors are also welcome to participate in any or all confirmation classes. 

Mentors need to know that they are not teachers. They likely will learn as much from the youth as the the youth learn from them. Instead of imparting knowledge, mentors should take seriously all of the doubts, questions, struggles of the young person with whom they are in relationship. Mentors should be honest about their faith, without passing judgement; they should be loving, without excusing bad behavior. Most importantly, they should be an example to their confirmand of an authentic Christian life. 

Once a mentor has been chosen, confirmands should email their mentor's contact information to the youth pastor. All mentors will receive a welcome email from Christ Church, along with discussion guides for their one-on-one meetings with their confirmands. The deadline to select a mentor is February 23, 2019. 

*Please contact a pastor if your confirmand requires assistance in 

locating their mentor*